Resolving failed resource disassociations when deleting a product - Amazon Service Catalog
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Resolving failed resource disassociations when deleting a product

If your prior attempt to delete a product failed due to resource disassociation exceptions, review the list of exceptions and their resolutions below.


If you closed the Deleting products window prior to receiving the failed resource disassociation message, you can follow steps one through three in the proceeding Delete a product section to open the window again.

To resolve a failed resource disassociation

In the Delete product window, review the Associations table Status column. Identify the failed resource disassociation exception and the suggested resolutions:

Status exception type Cause Resolution
Product prod-**** Amazon Service Catalog could not delete the product because the product still has associated TagOptions, budgets, at least one ProvisioningArtifact with associated actions, the product is still assigned to a Portfolio, the product has users, or the product has constraints. Attempt to delete the product again.
User: username is not authorized to perform: The user attempting to delete the product does not have the necessary permissions to disassociate the product's resources. Amazon Service Catalog recommends contacting your account administrator for more information about disassociating product resources you do not currently have permissions to disassociate.