Assign user access to applications in the IAM Identity Center console - Amazon IAM Identity Center
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Assign user access to applications in the IAM Identity Center console

You can assign users single sign-on access to SAML 2.0 applications in the application catalog or to custom SAML 2.0 applications.

Considerations for group assignments:

  • Assign access directly to groups. To help simplify administration of access permissions, we recommend that you assign access directly to groups rather than to individual users. With groups you can grant or deny permissions to groups of users, instead of applying those permissions to each individual. If a user moves to a different organization, you simply move that user to a different group. The user then automatically receives the permissions that are needed for the new organization.

  • Nested groups aren't supported. When assigning user access to applications, IAM Identity Center doesn't support users being added to nested groups. If a user is added to a nested group, they might receive a “You do not have any applications” message during sign-in. Assignments must be made against the immediate group for which the user is a member.

To assign user or group access to applications

For Amazon managed applications, you must add users directly from within the relevant application consoles or through the APIs.

  1. Open the IAM Identity Center console.


    If you manage users in Amazon Managed Microsoft AD, make sure that the IAM Identity Center console is using the Amazon Region where your Amazon Managed Microsoft AD directory is located before taking the next step.

  2. Choose Applications.

  3. In the list of applications, choose the application name to which you want to assign access.

  4. On the application details page, in the Assigned users section, choose Assign users.

  5. In the Assign users dialog box, enter a user or group name. You can also search users and groups. You can specify multiple users or groups by selecting the applicable accounts as they appear in search results.

  6. Choose Assign users.