Limitations for Amazon Snowball Edge Jobs - Amazon Snowball Edge Developer Guide
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Limitations for Amazon Snowball Edge Jobs

The following limitations exist for creating Amazon Snowball Edge device jobs:

  • If you're using an Amazon Snowball Edge device to import data, and you need to transfer more data than will fit on a single Snowball Edge device, create additional jobs. Each export job can use multiple Snowball Edge devices.

  • The default service limit for the number of Snowball Edge devices you can have at one time is 1. If you want to increase your service limit or create a cluster job, contact Amazon Web Services Support.

  • Metadata for objects transferred to a device is not persisted, unless it's transferred with the file interface. The only metadata that remains the same is filename and filesize. All other metadata is set as in the following example:

    -rw-rw-r-- 1 root root [filesize] Dec 31 1969 [path/filename]