Amazon Snowball Edge Quotas - Amazon Snowball Edge Developer Guide
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Amazon Snowball Edge Quotas

Following, you can find information about limitations on using the Amazon Snowball Edge device.


When you transfer data into Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) using a Snowball Edge, keep in mind that individual Amazon S3 objects can range in size from a minimum of 0 bytes to a maximum of 5 terabytes (TB).

Limitations for Amazon Snowball Edge Jobs

The following limitations exist for creating Amazon Snowball Edge device jobs:

  • If you're using an Amazon Snowball Edge device to import data, and you need to transfer more data than will fit on a single Snowball Edge device, create additional jobs. Each export job can use multiple Snowball Edge devices.

  • The default service limit for the number of Snowball Edge devices you can have at one time is 1 per account, per Amazon Web Services Region. If you want to increase your service limit or create a cluster job, contact Amazon Web Services Support.

  • Metadata for objects transferred to a device is not persisted. The only metadata that remains the same is filename and filesize. All other metadata is set as in the following example:

    -rw-rw-r-- 1 root root [filesize] Dec 31 1969 [path/filename]

Rate Limits on Amazon Snowball Edge

The Rate Limiter is used to control the rate of requests in a server cluster environment.

Amazon Snow S3 Adapter Connection Limit

The maximum connection limit is 1000 for Snowball Edge on Amazon S3. Any connections beyond 1000 are dropped.

Limitations on Transferring On-Premises Data with a Snowball Edge Device

The following limitations exist for transferring data to or from an Amazon Snowball Edge device on-premises:

  • Files must be in a static state while being written. Files that are modified while being transferred are not imported into Amazon S3.

  • Jumbo frames are not supported—that is, Ethernet frames with more than 1500 bytes of payload.

  • When selecting what data to export, keep in mind that objects with trailing slashes in their names (/ or \) are not transferred. Before exporting any objects with trailing slashes, update their names to remove the slash.

  • When using multipart data transfer, the maximum part size is 2 GiB.

Limitations on Shipping a Snowball Edge

The following limitations exist for shipping an Amazon Snowball Edge device:

  • Amazon will not ship a Snowball Edge device to a post office box.

  • Amazon will not ship a Snowball Edge device between non-US Regions—for example, from EU (Ireland) to EU (Frankfurt), or to Asia Pacific (Sydney).

  • Moving a Snowball Edge device to an address outside of the country specified when the job was created is not allowed and is a violation of the Amazon service terms.

For more information about shipping, see Shipping considerations for Snow Family devices.

Limitations on Processing Your Returned Snowball Edge for Import

To import your data into Amazon, the device must meet the following requirements:

  • The Amazon Snowball Edge device must not be compromised. Except for opening the three doors on the front, back, and top, or to add and replace the optional air filter, don't open the Amazon Snowball Edge device for any reason.

  • The device must not be physically damaged. You can prevent damage by closing the three doors on the Snowball Edge device until the latches make an audible clicking sound.

  • The E Ink display on the Snowball Edge device must be visible. It must also show the return label that was automatically generated when you finished transferring your data onto the Amazon Snowball Edge device.


All Snowball Edge devices returned that don't meet these requirements are erased without having any work performed on them.