Troubleshooting Express Workflows - Amazon Step Functions
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Troubleshooting Express Workflows

My application times out before receiving a response from a StartSyncExecution API call.

Configure a client side socket timeout in the Amazon SDK or client you are using to make the API call. To receive a response, the timeout must have a value higher than the duration of Express Workflow executions.

I'm unable to see the execution history in order to troubleshoot Express Workflow failures.

Express Workflows do not have an execution history. Instead, you need to enable CloudWatch logging. Then you can use CloudWatch Logs Insights queries to better understand your Express Workflow executions.

To list executions based on duration:

fields ispresent(execution_arn) as exec_arn | filter exec_arn | filter type in ["ExecutionStarted", "ExecutionSucceeded", "ExecutionFailed", "ExecutionAborted", "ExecutionTimedOut"] | stats latest(type) as status, tomillis(earliest(event_timestamp)) as UTC_starttime, tomillis(latest(event_timestamp)) as UTC_endtime, latest(event_timestamp) - earliest(event_timestamp) as duration_in_ms by execution_arn | sort duration desc

To list failed and cancelled executions:

fields ispresent(execution_arn) as isRes | filter type in ["ExecutionFailed", "ExecutionAborted", "ExecutionTimedOut"]