Distributor package deployment - Amazon Systems Manager
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Distributor package deployment

Distributor is a capability of Amazon Systems Manager. A Distributor package is a collection of installable software or assets that can be deployed as a single entity. With Quick Setup, you can deploy a Distributor package in an Amazon Web Services account and an Amazon Web Services Region or across an organization in Amazon Organizations. Currently, only the EC2Launch v2 agent, Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) utilities package and Amazon CloudWatch agent can be deployed with Quick Setup. For more information about Distributor, see Amazon Systems Manager Distributor.


The home Region for Quick Setup must already be specified before you complete the follow tasks. For information, see Configure the home Amazon Web Services Region.

To deploy Distributor packages, perform the following tasks in the Amazon Systems Manager Quick Setup console.

To deploy Distributor packages with Quick Setup
  1. Open the Amazon Systems Manager console at https://console.amazonaws.cn/systems-manager/.

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Quick Setup.


    If the Amazon Systems Manager home page opens first, choose the menu icon ( 
    The menu icon
  ) to open the navigation pane, and then choose Quick Setup in the navigation pane.

  3. On the Distributor card, choose Create.


    If you already have one or more configurations in your account, first choose the Library tab or the Create button in the Configurations section to view the cards.

  4. In the Configuration options section, choose the package you want to deploy.

  5. In the Targets section, choose whether to deploy the package to your entire organization, some of your organizational units (OUs), or the account you're currently logged in to.

    If you choose Entire organization, continue to step 8.

    If you choose Custom, continue to step 7.

  6. In the Target OUs section, select the check boxes of the OUs and Regions you want to deploy the package to.

  7. Choose Create.