Programmatic modifications to VMs - VM Import/Export
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Programmatic modifications to VMs

When importing a VM using the ImportImage API, Amazon modifies the file system to make the imported VM accessible to the customer. The following actions may occur:

  • [Linux] Installing Citrix PV drivers either directly in OS or modify initrd/initramfs to contain them.

  • [Linux] Modifying network scripts to replace static IPs with dynamic IPs.

  • [Linux] Modifying /etc/fstab, commenting out invalid entries and replacing device names with UUIDs. If no matching UUID can be found for a device, the nofail option is added to the device description. You must correct the device naming and remove nofail after import. As a best practice when preparing your VMs for import, we recommend that you specify your VM disk devices by UUID rather than device name.

    Entries in /etc/fstab that contain non-standard file system types (cifs, smbfs, vboxsf, sshfs, etc.) are disabled.

  • [Linux] Modifying grub bootloader settings such as the default entry and timeout.

  • [Windows] Modifying registry settings to make the VM bootable.

  • [Both] For parity with images provided by Amazon, the Amazon Systems Manager client is installed on the VM.

When writing a modified file, Amazon retains the original file at the same location under a new name.