Deprovision CIDRs from a pool - Amazon Virtual Private Cloud
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Deprovision CIDRs from a pool

Follow the steps in this section to deprovision CIDRs from an IPAM pool. When you deprovision all pool CIDRs, the pool can no longer be used for allocations. You must first provision a new CIDR to the pool before you can use the pool for allocations.


You cannot deprovision the CIDR if there are allocations in the pool. To remove allocations, see Release an allocation.

Amazon Management Console
To deprovision a pool CIDR
  1. Open the IPAM console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Pools.

  3. From the dropdown menu at the top of the content pane, choose the scope that you want to use. For more information about scopes, see How IPAM works.

  4. In the content pane, choose the pool whose CIDRs you want to deprovision.

  5. Choose the CIDRs tab.

  6. Select one or more CIDRs and choose Deprovision CIDRs.

  7. Choose Deprovision CIDR.

Command line

The commands in this section link to the Amazon CLI Reference documentation. The documentation provides detailed descriptions of the options that you can use when you run the commands.

Use the following Amazon CLI commands to deprovision a pool CIDR:

  1. Get an IPAM pool ID: describe-ipam-pools

  2. View your current CIDRs for the pool: get-ipam-pool-cidrs

  3. Deprovision CIDRs: deprovision-ipam-pool-cidr

  4. View your updated CIDRs: get-ipam-pool-cidrs

To provision a new CIDR to the pool, see Deprovision CIDRs from a pool. If you want to delete the pool, see Delete a pool.