Considerations and limitations - Amazon Virtual Private Cloud
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Considerations and limitations

This section contains considerations and limitations for integrating IPAM with accounts outside of your organization:

  • When you share a resource discovery with another account, the only data that is exchanged is IP address and account status monitoring data. You can view this data before sharing using the get-ipam-discovered-resource-cidrs and get-ipam-discovered-accounts CLI commands or GetIpamDiscoveredResourceCidrs and GetIpamDiscoveredAccounts APIs. For resource discoveries that monitor resources across an organization, no organization data (such as the names of Organizational Units in your organization) are shared.

  • When you create a resource discovery, the resource discovery monitors all visible resources in the owner account. If the owner account is a third-party service Amazon account that creates resources for multiple of their own customers, those resources will be discovered by the resource discovery. If the third-party Amazon service account shares the resource discovery with an end-user Amazon account, the end-user will have visibility into the resources of the other customers of the third-party Amazon service. For that reason, the third-party Amazon service should exercise caution creating and sharing resource discoveries or use a separate Amazon account for each customer.