Use IPAM with a single account - Amazon Virtual Private Cloud
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Use IPAM with a single account

If you choose not to Integrate IPAM with accounts in an Amazon Organization, you can use IPAM with a single Amazon account.

When you create an IPAM in the next section, a service-linked role is automatically created for the Amazon VPC IPAM service in Amazon Identity and Access Management. IPAM uses the service-linked role to monitor and store metrics for CIDRs associated with EC2 networking resources. For more information on the service-linked role and how IPAM uses it, see Service-linked roles for IPAM.


If you use IPAM with a single Amazon account, you must ensure that the Amazon account you use to create the IPAM uses a IAM role with a policy attached to it that permits the iam:CreateServiceLinkedRole action. When you create the IPAM, you automatically create the AWSServiceRoleForIPAM service-linked role. For more information on managing IAM policies, see Editing IAM policies in the IAM User Guide.

Once the single Amazon account has permission to create the IPAM service-linked role, go to Create an IPAM.