Create IPv6 pools - Amazon Virtual Private Cloud
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Create IPv6 pools

Follow the steps in this section to create an IPAM IPv6 pool hierarchy. When you create the pool, you can provision a CIDR for the pool to use. The pool assigns space within that CIDR to allocations within the pool. An allocation is a CIDR assignment from an IPAM pool to another resource or IPAM pool.

The following example shows the hierarchy of the pool structure that you can create with instructions in this guide. In this section, you are creating an IPv6 IPAM pool hierarchy:

  • IPAM operating in Amazon Region 1 and Amazon Region 2

    • Public scope

      • Regional pool in Amazon Region 1 (2001:db8::/52)

        • Development pool (2001:db8::/54)

          • Allocation for a VPC (2001:db8::/56)