Shield Advanced automatic application layer DDoS mitigation - Amazon WAF, Amazon Firewall Manager, and Amazon Shield Advanced
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Shield Advanced automatic application layer DDoS mitigation

You can configure Shield Advanced to respond automatically to mitigate application layer (layer 7) attacks against your protected application layer resources, by counting or blocking web requests that are part of the attack. This option is an addition to the application layer protection that you add through Shield Advanced with an Amazon WAF web ACL and your own rate-based rule.

When automatic mitigation is enabled for a resource, Shield Advanced maintains a rule group in the resource's associated web ACL where it manages mitigation rules on behalf of the resource. The rule group contains a rate-based rule that tracks the volume of requests from IP addresses that are known to be sources of DDoS attacks.

Additionally, Shield Advanced compares current traffic patterns against historic traffic baselines to detect deviations that might indicate a DDoS attack. Shield Advanced responds to detected DDoS attacks by creating, evaluating, and deploying additional, custom Amazon WAF rules in the rule group.