Amazon Shield Advanced policy findings - Amazon WAF, Amazon Firewall Manager, and Amazon Shield Advanced
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Amazon Shield Advanced policy findings

For information about Amazon Shield Advanced policies, see Security group policies.

Resource lacks Shield Advanced protection.

An Amazon resource that should have Shield Advanced protection, according to the Firewall Manager policy, doesn't have it. You can enable Firewall Manager remediation on the policy, which will enable the protection for the resource.

  • Severity – 60

  • Status settings – PASSED/FAILED

  • Updates – If Firewall Manager performs the remediation action, it will update the finding and the severity will lower from HIGH to INFORMATIONAL. If you perform the remediation, Firewall Manager will not update the finding.

Shield Advanced detected attack against monitored resource.

Shield Advanced detected an attack on a protected Amazon resource. You can enable Firewall Manager remediation on the policy.

  • Severity – 70

  • Status settings – None

  • Updates – Firewall Manager does not update this finding.