Why you should use the application integration SDKs with Bot Control - Amazon WAF, Amazon Firewall Manager, and Amazon Shield Advanced
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Why you should use the application integration SDKs with Bot Control

Most of the targeted protections of the Bot Control managed rule group require the challenge tokens that the application integration SDKs generate. The rules that don't require a challenge token on the request are the Bot Control common level protections and the targeted level machine learning rules. For descriptions of the protection levels and rules in the rule group, see Amazon WAF Bot Control rule group.

We highly recommend implementing the application integration SDKs, for the most effective use of the Bot Control rule group. The challenge script must run before the Bot Control rule group in order for the rule group to benefit from the tokens that the script acquires.

  • With the application integration SDKs, the script runs automatically.

  • If you're unable to use the SDKs, you can configure your web ACL so that it runs the Challenge or CAPTCHA rule action against all requests that will be inspected by the Bot Control rule group. Using the Challenge or CAPTCHA rule action can incur additional fees. For pricing details, see Amazon WAF Pricing.

When you implement the application integration SDKs in your clients or use one of the rule actions that runs the challenge script, you expand the capabilities of the rule group and of your overall client application security.

Tokens provide client information with each web request. This additional information enables the Bot Control rule group to separate legitimate client sessions from ill-behaved client sessions, even when both originate from a single IP address. The rule group uses information in the tokens to aggregate client session request behavior for the fine-tuned detection and mitigation that the targeted protections level provide.

For information about the SDKs, see Amazon WAF client application integration. For information about Amazon WAF tokens, see Amazon WAF web request tokens. For information about the rule actions, see CAPTCHA and Challenge in Amazon WAF.