Amazon X-Ray API - Amazon X-Ray
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Amazon X-Ray API

The X-Ray API provides access to all X-Ray functionality through the Amazon SDK, Amazon Command Line Interface, or directly over HTTPS. The X-Ray API Reference documents input parameters for each API action, and the fields and data types that they return.

You can use the Amazon SDK to develop programs that use the X-Ray API. The X-Ray console and X-Ray daemon both use the Amazon SDK to communicate with X-Ray. The Amazon SDK for each language has a reference document for classes and methods that map to X-Ray API actions and types.

Amazon SDK References

The Amazon Command Line Interface is a command line tool that uses the SDK for Python to call Amazon APIs. When you are first learning an Amazon API, the Amazon CLI provides an easy way to explore the available parameters and view the service output in JSON or text form.

See the Amazon CLI Command Reference for details on aws xray subcommands.