Generating custom subsegments with the X-Ray SDK for Go - Amazon X-Ray
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Generating custom subsegments with the X-Ray SDK for Go

Subsegments extend a trace's segment with details about work done in order to serve a request. Each time you make a call with an instrumented client, the X-Ray SDK records the information generated in a subsegment. You can create additional subsegments to group other subsegments, to measure the performance of a section of code, or to record annotations and metadata.

Use the Capture method to create a subsegment around a function.

Example main.go – Custom subsegment
func criticalSection(ctx context.Context) { //this is an example of a subsegment xray.Capture(ctx, "GameModel.saveGame", func(ctx1 context.Context) error { var err error section.Lock() result := someLockedResource.Go() section.Unlock() xray.AddMetadata(ctx1, "ResourceResult", result) })

The following screenshot shows an example of how the saveGame subsegment might appear in traces for the application Scorekeep.