Neptune ML 管理 API 例外 - Amazon Neptune
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Neptune ML 管理 API 例外

所有 Neptune ML 管理 API 例外都会返回 400 个 HTTP 代码。收到这些异常之后,不应重试生成异常的命令。

  • MissingParameterException— 错误消息:

    Required credentials are missing. Please add IAM role to the cluster or pass as a parameter to this request.

  • InvalidParameterException— 错误消息:

    • Invalid ML instance type.

    • Invalid ID provided. ID can be 1-48 alphanumeric characters.

    • Invalid ID provided. Must contain only letters, digits, or hyphens.

    • Invalid ID provided. Please check whether a resource with the given ID exists.

    • Another resource with same ID already exists. Please use a new ID.

    • Failed to stop the job because it has already completed or failed.

  • BadRequestException— 错误消息:

    • Invalid S3 URL or incorrect S3 permissions. Please check your S3 configuration.

    • Provided ModelTraining job has not completed.

    • Provided SageMaker Training job has not completed.

    • Provided MLDataProcessing job is not completed.

    • Provided MLModelTraining job doesn't exist.

    • Provided ModelTransformJob doesn't exist.

    • Unable to find SageMaker resource. Please check your input.