Amazon SDK for C++ Developer Guide - Amazon SDK for C++
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Amazon SDK for C++ Developer Guide

Welcome to the Amazon SDK for C++ Developer Guide.

The Amazon SDK for C++ provides a modern C++ (version C++ 11 or later) interface for Amazon Web Services (Amazon). It provides both high-level and low-level APIs for nearly all Amazon features, minimizing dependencies and providing platform portability on Windows, macOS, Linux, and mobile.

Getting started using the Amazon SDK for C++


The Amazon IoT SDKs and the aws-iot-device-sdk-cpp are separate from this SDK. The Amazon IoT Device SDK for C++ v2 is available at aws-iot-device-sdk-cpp-v2 on GitHub.

For more information about Amazon IoT, see What is Amazon IoT in the Amazon IoT Developer Guide.

Additional documentation and resources

In addition to this guide, the following are valuable online resources for Amazon SDK for C++ developers:

Maintenance and support for SDK major versions

For information about maintenance and support for SDK major versions and their underlying dependencies, see the following in the Amazon SDKs and Tools Reference Guide: