Capacity Blocks pricing and billing - Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud
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Capacity Blocks pricing and billing


With Amazon EC2 Capacity Blocks for ML, you pay only for what you reserve. The price of a Capacity Block depends on available supply and demand for Capacity Blocks at the time of purchase. You can view the price of a Capacity Block offering before you reserve it. The price of the Capacity Block is charged up front at the time the reservation is made. When you search for a Capacity Block across a range of dates, we return the lowest-priced Capacity Block offering available. After you've reserved a Capacity Block, the price doesn't change.

When you use a Capacity Block, you pay for the operating system you use when your instances are running. For more information about operating system prices, see Amazon EC2 Capacity Blocks for ML Pricing.


The price of a Capacity Block offering is charged up front. Payment is billed to your Amazon account within 12 hours after you purchase a Capacity Block. While your payment is processing, your Capacity Block reservation resource remains in a state of payment-pending. If your payment can't be processed within 12 hours, your Capacity Block is released and the reservation state changes to payment-failed.

After your payment is processed successfully, the Capacity Block resource state changes from payment-pending to scheduled. You receive an invoice that reflects the one-time upfront payment. In the invoice, you can associate the paid amount with the Capacity Block reservation ID.

When your Capacity Block reservation begins, you are billed based only on the operating system you use while your instances are running in the reservation. You can view your usage and associated charges in your anniversary bill for the month of usage in your Amazon Cost and Usage Report.


Savings Plans and Reserved Instance discounts don't apply to Capacity Blocks.

Viewing your bill

You can view your bill in the Amazon Billing and Cost Management console. The upfront payment for your Capacity Block appears in the month that you purchased the reservation.

After your reservation begins, your bill shows separate lines for the block reservation used and unused time. You can use these line items to see how much time was used in your reservation. You will see only a usage charge in the line for used time if you use a premium operating system. For more information, see Pricing. There is no additional charge for unused time.

For more information, see Viewing your bill in the Amazon Billing and Cost Management User Guide.

If your Capacity Block starts in a different month then the month you purchased your reservation, the upfront price and reservation usage show up under separate billing months. In your Amazon Cost and Usage Report, the Capacity Block reservation ID is listed in the reservation/ReservationARN line item of your upfront fee and the lineitem/ResourceID in your anniversary bill so that you can associate the usage to the corresponding upfront price.