Log classes - Amazon CloudWatch Logs
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Log classes

CloudWatch Logs offers two classes of log groups:

  • The CloudWatch Logs Standard log class is a full-featured option for logs that require real-time monitoring or logs that you access frequently.

  • The CloudWatch Logs Infrequent Access log class is a new log class that you can use to cost-effectively consolidate your logs. This log class offers a subset of CloudWatch Logs capabilities including managed ingestion, storage, cross-account log analytics, and encryption with a lower ingestion price per GB. The Infrequent Access log class is ideal for ad-hoc querying and after-the-fact forensic analysis on infrequently accessed logs.


For charges, the Standard and Infrequent Access log classes differ in ingestion costs only. Storage charges and CloudWatch Logs Insights charges are the same in each log class.

For more information about CloudWatch Logs pricing, see Amazon CloudWatch Pricing.


After a log group is created, its log class can't be changed.

Supported features

The following table lists the features for each log class.

Standard Infrequent Access

Fully managed log ingestion and storage

Cross-account features

Encryption with Amazon KMS

CloudWatch Logs Insights query commands

✓ (Most commands– see Commands supported in log classes.)

CloudWatch Logs Insights discovered fields

Natural language query assist

CloudWatch Logs Anomaly Detection

Compare to previous time range

Subscription filters

Export to Amazon S3

GetLogEvents and FilterLogEvents API operations

Not supported. Use CloudWatch Logs Insights to view log events stored in log groups in the Infrequent Access log class.

Metric filters

Container Insights log ingestion

Lambda Insights log ingestion

Sensitive data protection with masking

Embedded metrics format