Working with Mountpoint for Amazon S3 - Amazon Simple Storage Service
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Working with Mountpoint for Amazon S3

Mountpoint for Amazon S3 is a high-throughput open source file client for mounting an Amazon S3 bucket as a local file system. With Mountpoint, your applications can access objects stored in Amazon S3 through file system operations, such as open and read. Mountpoint automatically translates these operations into S3 object API calls, giving your applications access to the elastic storage and throughput of Amazon S3 through a file interface.

Mountpoint for Amazon S3 is generally available for production use on your large-scale read-heavy applications: data lakes, machine learning training, image rendering, autonomous vehicle simulation, extract, transform, and load (ETL), and more.

Mountpoint for Amazon S3 is available only for Linux operating systems. You can use Mountpoint to access S3 objects in all storage classes except S3 Glacier Flexible Retrieval, S3 Glacier Deep Archive, S3 Intelligent-Tiering Archive Access Tier, and S3 Intelligent-Tiering Deep Archive Access Tier.