Tasks that require root user credentials - Amazon Identity and Access Management
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Tasks that require root user credentials


Having trouble signing in to Amazon? Make sure that you're on the correct Amazon sign-in page for your type of user. If you are the Amazon Web Services account root user (account owner), you can sign in to Amazon using the credentials that you set up when you created the Amazon Web Services account. If you are an IAM user, your account administrator can give you the credentials that you can use to sign in to Amazon. If you need to request support, do not use the feedback link on this page, as the form is received by the Amazon Documentation team, not Amazon Web Services Support. Instead, on the Contact Us page choose Still unable to log into your Amazon account and then choose one of the available support options.

We recommend that you configure an administrative user in Amazon IAM Identity Center to perform daily tasks and access Amazon resources. However, you can perform the tasks listed below only when you sign in as the root user of an account.

Account Management Tasks
Billing Tasks
Amazon GovCloud (US) Tasks
  • Sign up for Amazon GovCloud (US).

  • Request Amazon GovCloud (US) account root user access keys from Amazon Web Services Support.

  • In the event that an Amazon Key Management Service key becomes unmanageable, you can recover it by contacting Amazon Web Services Support as the root user.

Amazon EC2 Task