Example: Create a support case for account and billing - Amazon Web Services Support
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Example: Create a support case for account and billing

The following example is a support case for a billing and account issue.

            Interface to create support cases in the Amazon Support Center Console.
  1. Create case – Choose the type of case to create. In this example, the case type is Account and billing.


    If you have the Basic Support plan, you can't create a technical support case.

  2. Service – If your question affects multiple services, choose the service that's most applicable.

  3. Category – Choose the category that best fits your use case. When you choose a category, links to information that might resolve your problem appear below.

  4. Severity – Customers with a paid support plan can choose the General guidance (1-day response time) or System impaired (12-hour response time) severity level. Customers with a Business Support plan can also choose Production system impaired (4-hour response) or Production system down (1-hour response). Customers with an Enterprise On-Ramp or Enterprise Support plan can choose Business-critical system down (15-minute response for Enterprise Support and 30-minute response for Enterprise On-Ramp).

    Response times are for first response from Amazon Web Services Support. These response times don't apply to subsequent responses. For third-party issues, response times can be longer, depending on the availability of skilled personnel. For more information, see Choosing a severity.


    Based on your category choice, you might be prompted for more information.

After you specify the case type and classification, you can specify the description and how you want to be contacted.

            Add more information about a billing issue in the Amazon Support Center Console.
  1. Subject – Enter a title that briefly describes your issue.

  2. Description – Describe your support case. This is the most important information that you provide to Amazon Web Services Support. For some service and category combinations, a prompt appears with related information. Use these links to help resolve your issue. For more information, see Describing your problem.

  3. Attachments – Attach screenshots and other files that can help support agents resolve your case faster.

After you add your case details, you can choose how you want to be contacted.

            Add more information about a billing issue in the Amazon Support Center Console.
  1. Preferred contact language – Currently, you can choose English or Japanese.

  2. Choose a contact method. The contact options that appear depend on the type of case and your support plan.

    • If you choose Web, you can read and respond to the case progress in Support Center.

    • Choose Chat or Phone. If you choose Phone, you're prompted for a callback number.

  3. Choose Submit when your information is complete and you're ready to create the case.