Replying to support cases in Slack - Amazon Web Services Support
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Replying to support cases in Slack

You can add updates to your case such as case details and attachments, and reply to responses from the support agent.


You can also use the Amazon Support Center Console to reply to support agents. For more information, see Updating, resolving, and reopening your case.

To reply to a support case in Slack
  1. In your Slack channel, choose the case that you want to respond to. You can enter /awssupport search to find your support case.

  2. Choose See details next to the case that you want.

  3. At the bottom of the case details, choose Reply.

  4. In the Reply to case dialog box, enter a brief description of the issue in the Message field. Then choose Next.

  5. Choose your contact method. The available contact methods depend on your case type and support plan.

  6. (Optional) For Additional contacts to notify, enter additional email addresses that you want to receive updates about this support case. You can add up to 10 email addresses.

  7. Choose Review. You can then choose if you want to edit your reply, attach files, or share to the channel.

  8. When you're ready to reply, choose Send message.

  9. (Optional) To view previous correspondence for your case, choose Previous correspondence. To view shortened messages, choose Show full message.

Example : Reply to a case in Slack