Amazon Trusted Advisor - Amazon Web Services Support
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Amazon Trusted Advisor

Trusted Advisor draws upon best practices learned from serving hundreds of thousands of Amazon customers. Trusted Advisor inspects your Amazon environment, and then makes recommendations when opportunities exist to save money, improve system availability and performance, or help close security gaps.

If you have a Basic or Developer Support plan, you can use the Trusted Advisor console to access all checks in the Service Limits category and six checks in the Security category.

If you have a Business, Enterprise On-Ramp, or Enterprise Support plan, you can use the Trusted Advisor console and the Amazon Web Services Support API to access all Trusted Advisor checks. You also can use Amazon CloudWatch Events to monitor the status of Trusted Advisor checks. For more information, see Monitoring Amazon Trusted Advisor check results with Amazon EventBridge.

You can access Trusted Advisor in the Amazon Web Services Management Console. For more information about controlling access to the Trusted Advisor console, see Manage access to Amazon Trusted Advisor.

For more information, see Trusted Advisor.