Backing Up and Restoring in Amazon DocumentDB - Amazon DocumentDB
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Backing Up and Restoring in Amazon DocumentDB

Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) continuously backs up your data to Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) for 1–35 days so that you can quickly restore to any point within the backup retention period. Amazon DocumentDB also takes automatic snapshots of your data as part of this continuous backup process.


These are service-managed Amazon S3 buckets and you will not have access to the backup files. If you want to control your own backups, follow the instructions on Dumping, Restoring, Importing, and Exporting Data.

You can also retain backup data beyond the backup retention period by creating a manual snapshot of your cluster's data. The backup process does not impact your cluster's performance.

This section discusses the use cases for the backup capabilities in Amazon DocumentDB and shows you how to manage backups for your Amazon DocumentDB clusters.