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Configuring an IP address for the gateway

Before you activated your hardware appliance, you assigned an IP address to its physical network interface. Now that you have activated the appliance and launched your Storage Gateway on it, you need to assign another IP address to the Storage Gateway virtual machine that runs on the hardware appliance. To assign a static IP address to a gateway installed on your hardware appliance, configure the IP address from the local console for that gateway. Your applications (such as your NFS or SMB client) connect to this IP address. You can access the gateway local console from the hardware appliance console.

To configure an IP address on your appliance to work with applications
  1. On the hardware console, choose Open Service Console to open a login screen for the gateway local console.

  2. Enter the localhost login password, and then press Enter.

    The default account is admin and the default password is password.

  3. Change the default password. Choose Actions then Set Local Password and enter your new credentials in the Set Local Password dialog box.

  4. (Optional) Configure your proxy settings. See Rack-mounting your hardware appliance and connecting it to power for instructions.

  5. Navigate to the Network Settings page of the gateway local console as shown following.

  6. Type 2 to go to the Network Configuration page shown following.

  7. Configure a static or DHCP IP address for the network port on your hardware appliance to present a file, volume, and Tape Gateway for applications. This IP address must be on the same subnet as the IP address used during hardware appliance activation.

To exit the gateway local console
  • Press the Crtl+] (close bracket) keystroke. The hardware console appears.


    The keystroke preceding is the only way to exit the gateway local console.

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