What is Amazon FSx File Gateway? - Amazon Storage Gateway
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What is Amazon FSx File Gateway?

Storage Gateway offers File Gateway, Volume Gateway, and Tape Gateway storage solutions.

Amazon FSx File Gateway (FSx File Gateway) is a new File Gateway type that provides low latency and efficient access to in-cloud FSx for Windows File Server file shares from your on-premises facility. If you maintain on-premises file storage because of latency or bandwidth requirements, you can instead use FSx File Gateway for seamless access to fully managed, highly reliable, and virtually unlimited Windows file shares provided in the Amazon Cloud by FSx for Windows File Server.

Benefits of using Amazon FSx File Gateway

FSx File Gateway provides the following benefits:

  • Helps eliminate on-premises file servers and consolidates all their data in Amazon to take advantage of the scale and economics of cloud storage.

  • Provides options that you can use for all your file workloads, including those that require on-premises access to cloud data.

  • Applications that need to stay on premises can now experience the same low latency and high performance that they have in Amazon, without taxing your networks or impacting the latencies experienced by your most demanding applications.