Quotas - Amazon Storage Gateway
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Quotas for file systems

The following table lists quotas for file systems.

Resource Limit per file system
Maximum number of tags 50
Maximum retention period for automated backups 90 days
Maximum number of backup copy requests in progress to a single destination Region per account. 5
Minimum storage capacity, SSD file systems 32 GiB
Minimum storage capacity, HDD file systems 2,000 GiB
Maximum storage capacity, SSD and HDD 64 TiB
Minimum throughput capacity 8 MBps
Maximum throughput capacity 2,048 MBps
Maximum number of file shares 100,000

Recommended local disk sizes for your gateway

The following table recommends sizes for local disk storage for your deployed gateway.

Gateway Type Cache (Minimum) Cache (Maximum) Other Required Local Disks
FSx File Gateway 150 GiB 64 TiB

You can configure one or more local drives for your cache up to the maximum capacity.

When adding cache to an existing gateway, it's important to create new disks in your host (hypervisor or Amazon EC2 instance). Don't change the size of existing disks if the disks have been previously allocated as a cache.