Troubleshooting: hardware appliance issues - Amazon Storage Gateway
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Troubleshooting: hardware appliance issues

The following topics discuss issues that you might encounter with the Amazon Storage Gateway Hardware Appliance, and suggestions on troubleshooting these.

You can't determine the service IP address

When attempting to connect to your service, make sure that you are using the service's IP address and not the host IP address. Configure the service IP address in the service console, and the host IP address in the hardware console. You see the hardware console when you start the hardware appliance. To go to the service console from the hardware console, choose Open Service Console.

How do you perform a factory reset?

If you need to perform a factory reset on your appliance, contact the Amazon Storage Gateway Hardware Appliance team for support, as described in the Support section following.

How do you perform a remote restart?

If you need to perform a remote restart of your appliance, you can do so using the Dell iDRAC management interface. For more information, see iDRAC9 Virtual Power Cycle: Remotely power cycle Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers on the Dell Technologies InfoHub website.

Where do you obtain Dell iDRAC support?

The Dell PowerEdge R640 server comes with the Dell iDRAC management interface. We recommend the following:

  • If you use the iDRAC management interface, you should change the default password. For more information about the iDRAC credentials, see Dell PowerEdge - What is the default sign-in credentials for iDRAC?.

  • Make sure that the firmware is up-to-date to prevent security breaches.

  • Moving the iDRAC network interface to a normal (em) port can cause performance issues or prevent the normal functioning of the appliance.

You can't find the hardware appliance serial number

To find the serial number of the hardware appliance, go to the Hardware appliance overview page in the Storage Gateway console, as shown following.

                    Storage Gateway console hardware tab with appliance selected and details

Where to obtain hardware appliance support

To contact Amazon about technical support for your hardware appliance, see Amazon Web Services Support.

The Amazon Web Services Support team might ask you to activate the support channel to troubleshoot your gateway issues remotely. You don't need this port to be open for the normal operation of your gateway, but it is required for troubleshooting. You can activate the support channel from the hardware console as shown in the procedure following.

To open a support channel for Amazon
  1. Open the hardware console.

  2. Choose Open Support Channel as shown following.

                            hardware appliance console with support channel status shown.

    The assigned port number should appear within 30 seconds, if there are no network connectivity or firewall issues.

  3. Note the port number and provide it to Amazon Web Services Support.