Understanding gateway status - Amazon Storage Gateway
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Understanding gateway status

Each gateway has an associated status that tells you at a glance what the health of the gateway is. Most of the time, the status indicates that the gateway is functioning normally and that no action is needed on your part. In some cases, the status indicates a problem that might or might not require action on your part.

You can see the gateway status on the Storage Gateway console. Gateway status appears in the Status column for each of your gateways. A gateway that is functioning normally has a status of RUNNING.

In the following table, you can find a description of each gateway status, and whether you should act based on the status. A gateway should have RUNNING status all or most of the time it's in use.

Status Meaning

The gateway is configured properly and is available to use.


Your gateway might be in an OFFLINE status for one or more of the following reasons:

  • The gateway can't reach the Storage Gateway service endpoints.

  • The gateway had an unexpected shutdown.

  • The gateway has an associated cache disk that may be disconnected, has been modified, or has failed.