Prerequisites - FreeRTOS
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This section describes the prerequisites for testing microcontrollers with Amazon IoT Device Tester.

Download FreeRTOS

You can download a release of FreeRTOS from GitHub with the following command:

git clone --branch <FREERTOS_RELEASE_VERSION> --recurse-submodules cd amazon-freertos git submodule update --checkout --init --recursive

where <FREERTOS_RELEASE_VERSION> is a version of FreeRTOS (for example, 202007.00) corresponding to an IDT version listed in Supported versions of Amazon IoT Device Tester for FreeRTOS. This ensures you have the full source code, including submodules, and are using the correct version of IDT for your version of FreeRTOS, and vice versa.

Windows has a path length limitation of 260 characters. The path structure of FreeRTOS is many levels deep, so if you are using Windows, keep your file paths under the 260-character limit. For example, clone FreeRTOS to C:\FreeRTOS rather than C:\Users\username\programs\projects\myproj\FreeRTOS\.

Considerations for LTS qualification (qualification for FreeRTOS that uses LTS libraries)

  • In order for your microcontroller to be designated as supporting long-term support (LTS) based versions of FreeRTOS in the Amazon Partner Device Catalog, you must provide a manifest file. For more information, see the FreeRTOS Qualification Checklist in the FreeRTOS Qualification Guide.

  • In order to validate that your microcontroller supports LTS based versions of FreeRTOS and qualify it for submission to the Amazon Partner Device Catalog, you must use Amazon IoT Device Tester (IDT) with FreeRTOS Qualification (FRQ) test suite version v1.4.x.

  • Support for LTS based versions of FreeRTOS is limited to the 202012.xx version of FreeRTOS.

Download IDT for FreeRTOS

Every version of FreeRTOS has a corresponding version of IDT for FreeRTOS to perform qualification tests. Download the appropriate version of IDT for FreeRTOS from Supported versions of Amazon IoT Device Tester for FreeRTOS.

Extract IDT for FreeRTOS to a location on the file system where you have read and write permissions. Because Microsoft Windows has a character limit for the path length, extract IDT for FreeRTOS into a root directory such as C:\ or D:\.


We don't recommend that multiple users run IDT from a shared location, such as an NFS directory or a Windows network shared folder. This may result in crashes or data corruption. We recommend that you extract the IDT package to a local drive.

Create and configure an Amazon account

Sign up for an Amazon Web Services account

If you do not have an Amazon Web Services account, use the following procedure to create one.

To sign up for Amazon Web Services
  1. Open and choose Sign Up.

  2. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Amazon sends you a confirmation email after the sign-up process is complete. At any time, you can view your current account activity and manage your account by going to and choosing My Account.

Secure IAM users

After you sign up for an Amazon Web Services account, safeguard your administrative user by turning on multi-factor authentication (MFA). For instructions, see Enable a virtual MFA device for an IAM user (console) in the IAM User Guide.

To give other users access to your Amazon Web Services account resources, create IAM users. To secure your IAM users, turn on MFA and only give the IAM users the permissions needed to perform their tasks.

For more information about creating and securing IAM users, see the following topics in the IAM User Guide:

Amazon IoT Device Tester managed policy

The AWSIoTDeviceTesterForFreeRTOSFullAccess managed policy contains the following Amazon IoT Device Tester permissions for version checking, auto update features, and collection of metrics.

  • iot-device-tester:SupportedVersion

    Grants Amazon IoT Device Tester permission to fetch the list of supported products, test suites and IDT versions.

  • iot-device-tester:LatestIdt

    Grants Amazon IoT Device Tester permission to fetch the latest IDT version available for download.

  • iot-device-tester:CheckVersion

    Grants Amazon IoT Device Tester permission to check version compatibility for IDT, test suites and products.

  • iot-device-tester:DownloadTestSuite

    Grants Amazon IoT Device Tester permission to download test suite updates.

  • iot-device-tester:SendMetrics

    Grants Amazon permission to collect metrics about Amazon IoT Device Tester internal usage.

(Optional) Install the Amazon Command Line Interface

You might prefer to use the Amazon CLI to perform some operations. If you don't have the Amazon CLI installed, follow the instructions at Install the Amazon CLI.

Configure the Amazon CLI for the Amazon Region you want to use by running aws configure from a command line. For information about the Amazon Regions that support IDT for FreeRTOS, see Amazon Regions and Endpoints. For more information about aws configure see Quick configuration with aws configure.