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What's new in Amazon IoT Greengrass Version 2

Amazon IoT Greengrass Version 2 is a new major version release of Amazon IoT Greengrass that introduces the following features:

  • Open source edge runtime—The edge runtime is now open source and distributed under the Apache 2.0 license and available on GitHub. You can now view the Amazon IoT Greengrass edge runtime code, which allows you to troubleshoot interactions with your application and helps you build more reliable and performant applications running on Amazon IoT Greengrass. You can also customize and extend the Amazon IoT Greengrass edge runtime to meet your specific hardware and software needs. For more information, see Open source Amazon IoT Greengrass Core software.

  • Improved modularity—You can add or remove pre-built software components based on your use cases, and your device CPU and memory resources. For example, you can choose to include only pre-built Amazon IoT Greengrass components, such as stream manager, when you need to process data streams with your application. Or, you can include only machine learning components when you want to perform machine learning inference locally on your devices. For more information, see Develop Amazon IoT Greengrass components and Amazon-provided components.

  • New development tools—Amazon IoT Greengrass includes a new command line interface (CLI) that enables you to locally develop and debug applications on your device. In addition, the new local debug console helps you visually debug applications on your device. With these new capabilities, you can develop and debug code on a test device before using the cloud to deploy to your production devices. Amazon IoT Greengrass also provides the Greengrass Development Kit CLI (GDK CLI), which you can use on your development computer to help you develop and publish custom Greengrass components. For more information, see Amazon IoT Greengrass development tools.

  • Improved fleet deployment features—Amazon IoT Greengrass is now integrated with Amazon IoT thing groups. This enables you to organize your devices in groups and manage application deployments across your devices with features that control rollout rates, timeouts, and rollbacks. For more information, see Deploy Amazon IoT Greengrass components to devices.

  • PSA-certified – Amazon IoT Greengrass nucleus versions 2.7.0 and later are now Platform Security Architecture (PSA) certified. For more information, see Amazon IoT Greengrass is PSA-certified.

  • Open Test Framework (OTF) – OTF for Amazon IoT Greengrass Version 2 is now available. OTF is a collection of building blocks to support end-to-end automation. It enables Amazon IoT Greengrass Version 2 internal customers to use the same testing framework that the service team uses for qualifying software changes, automated acceptance, and quality assurance purposes. For more information, see Open Test Framework on Github.

Amazon IoT Greengrass release notes provide details about Amazon IoT Greengrass releases—new features, updates and improvements, and general fixes. Amazon IoT Greengrass has the following types of releases:

  • New feature releases for Amazon IoT Greengrass

  • Amazon IoT Greengrass Core software updates

This section contains all of the Amazon IoT Greengrass V2 release notes, latest first, and includes major feature changes and significant bug fixes. For information about additional minor fixes, see the aws-greengrass organization on GitHub.

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