Publishing property value updates to Amazon DynamoDB - Amazon IoT SiteWise
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Publishing property value updates to Amazon DynamoDB

This tutorial introduces a convenient way to store your data by using Amazon DynamoDB, making it easier to access historical asset data without repeatedly querying the Amazon IoT SiteWise API. After you complete this tutorial, you can create custom software that consumes your asset data, such as a live map of wind speed and direction over an entire wind farm. If you want to monitor and visualize your data without implementing a custom software solution, see Monitoring data with Amazon IoT SiteWise Monitor.

In this tutorial, you build on the Amazon IoT SiteWise demo that provides a sample set of data for a wind farm. You configure property value updates from the wind farm demo to send data, through Amazon IoT Core rules, to a DynamoDB table that you create. When you enable property value updates, Amazon IoT SiteWise sends your data to Amazon IoT Core in MQTT messages. Then, define Amazon IoT Core rules that perform actions, such as the DynamoDB action, depending on the contents of those messages. For more information, see Interacting with other Amazon services.


To complete this tutorial, you need the following: