Query data from Amazon IoT SiteWise - Amazon IoT SiteWise
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Query data from Amazon IoT SiteWise

You can use the Amazon IoT SiteWise API operations to query your asset properties' current values, historical values, and aggregates over specific time intervals.

Use these features to gain insight into your data. For example, discover all your assets with a given property value or build a custom representation of your data. You can also use API operations to develop software solutions that integrate with the industrial data stored in your Amazon IoT SiteWise assets. You can also explore your asset data live in Amazon IoT SiteWise Monitor. To learn how to configure SiteWise Monitor, see Monitoring data with Amazon IoT SiteWise Monitor .

The operations described in this section return property value objects that contain timestamp, quality, value (TQV) structures:

  • The timestamp contains the current Unix epoch time in seconds with nanosecond offset.

  • The quality contains one of the following strings that indicate the quality of the data point:

    • GOOD – The data isn't affected by any issues.

    • BAD – The data is affected by an issue such as sensor failure.

    • UNCERTAIN – The data is affected by an issue such as sensor inaccuracy.

  • The value contains one of the following fields, depending on the type of the property:

    • booleanValue

    • doubleValue

    • integerValue

    • stringValue