Amazon IoT Device Management Software Package Catalog - Amazon IoT Core
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Amazon IoT Device Management Software Package Catalog

With Amazon IoT Device Management Software Package Catalog, you can maintain an inventory of software packages and their versions. You can associate package versions to individual things and Amazon IoT dynamic thing groups, and deploy them through in-house processes or Amazon IoT jobs.

A software package contains one or more package versions, which is a collection of files that can be deployed as a single unit. Package versions can contain firmware, operating system updates, device applications, configurations, and security patches. As the software evolves over time, you can create a new package version and deploy it to your fleet.

The Amazon IoT software package hub is located within Amazon IoT Core. You can use the hub to centrally register and maintain your software package inventory and metadata, which creates a catalog of software packages and their versions. You can choose to group devices based on software packages and package versions deployed on the device. This feature provides the opportunity to keep device-side package inventory as a named shadow, associate and group devices based on versions, and visualize package version distribution across the fleet by using fleet metrics.

If you have an in-house software deployment system established, you can continue to use that process to deploy your package versions. If you don’t have a deployment process established or if you prefer, we recommend using Amazon IoT jobs to use the features in the Software Package Catalog. For more information, see Preparing Amazon IoT jobs.