Prerequisites: IAM Role and Amazon S3 Access - Amazon Neptune
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Prerequisites: IAM Role and Amazon S3 Access

Loading data from an Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) bucket requires an Amazon Identity and Access Management (IAM) role that has access to the bucket. Amazon Neptune assumes this role to load the data.


You can load encrypted data from Amazon S3 if it was encrypted using the Amazon S3 SSE-S3 mode. In that case, Neptune is able to impersonate your credentials and issue s3:getObject calls on your behalf.

You can also load encrypted data from Amazon S3 that was encrypted using the SSE-KMS mode, as long as your IAM role includes the necessary permissions to access Amazon KMS. Without proper Amazon KMS permissions, the bulk load operation fails and returns a LOAD_FAILED response.

Neptune does not currently support loading Amazon S3 data encrypted using the SSE-C mode.

The following sections show how to use a managed IAM policy to create an IAM role for accessing Amazon S3 resources, and then attach the role to your Neptune cluster.


These instructions require that you have access to the IAM console and permissions to manage IAM roles and policies. For more information, see Permissions for Working in the Amazon Management Console in the IAM User Guide.

The Amazon Neptune console requires the user to have the following IAM permissions to attach the role to the Neptune cluster:

iam:GetAccountSummary on resource: * iam:ListAccountAliases on resource: * iam:PassRole on resource: * with iam:PassedToService restricted to