Amazon Neptune Engine Updates 2019-10-15 - Amazon Neptune
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Amazon Neptune Engine Updates 2019-10-15



No new instances using this engine version will be created, beginning 2021-04-27.

New Features in This Engine Release

Improvements in This Engine Release

  • Improved the Instance Status API by reporting what version of TinkerPop and what version of SPARQL the engine is using.

  • Improved Gremlin subgraph operator performance.

  • Improved the performance of Gremlin response serialization.

  • Improved the performance in the Gremlin Union step.

  • Improved the latency of simple SPARQL queries.

Defects Fixed in This Engine Release

  • Fixed a Gremlin bug where timeout was incorrectly being returned as an internal failure.

  • Fixed a SPARQL bug in which ORDER BY over a partial set of variables caused an Internal Server Error.