Configuration - Amazon ParallelCluster
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By default, Amazon ParallelCluster uses the ~/.parallelcluster/config file for all configuration parameters. You can specify a custom configuration file by using the -c or --config command line option or the AWS_PCLUSTER_CONFIG_FILE environment variable.

An example configuration file is installed with Amazon ParallelCluster in the Python directory at site-packages/aws-parallelcluster/examples/config. The example configuration file is also available on GitHub, at

Current Amazon ParallelCluster 2 version: 2.11.9.


An Amazon ParallelCluster configuration is defined in multiple sections.

The following sections are required: [global] section and [aws] section.

You also must include at least one [cluster] section and one [vpc] section.

A section starts with the section name in brackets, followed by parameters and configuration.

[global] cluster_template = default update_check = true sanity_check = true