Logging Amazon Service Catalog API Calls with Amazon CloudTrail - Amazon Service Catalog
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Logging Amazon Service Catalog API Calls with Amazon CloudTrail

CloudTrail is enabled on your Amazon account when you create the account. When activity occurs in Amazon Service Catalog, that activity is recorded in a CloudTrail event along with other Amazon service events in Event history. You can view, search, and download recent events in your Amazon account. For more information, see Viewing Events with CloudTrail Event History.

All Amazon Service Catalog actions are logged by CloudTrail and are documented in the Service Catalog Developer Guide. For example, calls to the SearchProducts, ListLaunchPaths and ListLaunchPaths actions generate entries in the CloudTrail log files.

Every event or log entry contains information about who generated the request. The identity information helps you determine whether:

  • Root or Amazon Identity and Access Management (IAM) user credentials made the request.

  • Temporary security credentials for a role or federated user made the request.

  • Another Amazon service made the request.

For more information, see the CloudTrail userIdentity Element.