Reset the IAM Identity Center user password for an end user - Amazon IAM Identity Center
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Reset the IAM Identity Center user password for an end user

This procedure is for administrators who need to reset the password for a user in your IAM Identity Center directory. You'll use the IAM Identity Center console to reset passwords.

Considerations for identity providers and user types
  • Microsoft Active Directory or external provider – If you're connecting IAM Identity Center to Microsoft Active Directory or an external provider, user password resets must be done from within Active Directory or the external provider. This means that passwords for those users can't be reset from the IAM Identity Center console.

  • Users in the IAM Identity Center directory – If you're an IAM Identity Center user, you can reset your own IAM Identity Center password, see Resetting your IAM Identity Center user password.

To reset a password for an IAM Identity Center end user

The instructions on this page apply to Amazon IAM Identity Center. They do not apply to Amazon Identity and Access Management (IAM). IAM Identity Center users, groups, and user credentials are different from IAM users, groups, and IAM user credentials. If you are looking for instructions on changing passwords for IAM users, see Managing passwords for IAM users in the Amazon Identity and Access Management User Guide.

  1. Open the IAM Identity Center console.

  2. Choose Users.

  3. Select the username of the user whose password you want to reset.

  4. On the user details page, choose Reset password.

  5. In the Reset password dialog box, select one of the following choices, and then choose Reset password:

    1. Send an email to the user with instructions to reset the password – This option automatically sends the user an email addressed from Amazon Web Services that walks them through how to reset their password.


      As a security best practice, verify that the email address for this user is correct prior to selecting this option. If this password reset email were to be sent to an incorrect or misconfigured email address, a malicious recipient could use it to gain unauthorized access to your Amazon environment.

    2. Generate a one-time password and share the password with the user – This option provides you with the password details that you can manually send to the user from your email address.