Create OpsItems - Amazon Systems Manager
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Create OpsItems

After you set up OpsCenter, a capability of Amazon Systems Manager, and integrate it with your Amazon Web Services, your Amazon Web Services automatically create OpsItems based on default rules, events, or alarms.

You can view the statuses and severity levels of default Amazon EventBridge rules. If required, you can create or edit these rules from Amazon EventBridge. You can also view alarms from Amazon CloudWatch, and create or edit alarms. Using rules and alarms, you can configure events for which you want to generate OpsItems automatically.

When the system creates an OpsItem, it's in the Open status. You can change the status to In progress when you start investigation of the OpsItem and to Resolved after you remediate the OpsItem. For more information about how to configure alarms and rules in Amazon Web Services to create OpsItems and how to create OpsItems manually, see the following topics.