Running the X-Ray daemon on Amazon EC2 - Amazon X-Ray
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Running the X-Ray daemon on Amazon EC2

You can run the X-Ray daemon on the following operating systems on Amazon EC2:

  • Amazon Linux

  • Ubuntu

  • Windows Server (2012 R2 and newer)

Use an instance profile to grant the daemon permission to upload trace data to X-Ray. For more information, see Giving the daemon permission to send data to X-Ray.

Use a user data script to run the daemon automatically when you launch the instance.

Example User data script - Linux
#!/bin/bash curl -o /home/ec2-user/xray.rpm yum install -y /home/ec2-user/xray.rpm
Example User data script - Windows server
<powershell> if ( Get-Service "AWSXRayDaemon" -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue ) { sc.exe stop AWSXRayDaemon sc.exe delete AWSXRayDaemon } $targetLocation = "C:\Program Files\Amazon\XRay" if ((Test-Path $targetLocation) -eq 0) { mkdir $targetLocation } $zipFileName = "" $zipPath = "$targetLocation\$zipFileName" $destPath = "$targetLocation\aws-xray-daemon" if ((Test-Path $destPath) -eq 1) { Remove-Item -Recurse -Force $destPath } $daemonPath = "$destPath\xray.exe" $daemonLogPath = "$targetLocation\xray-daemon.log" $url = "" Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $url -OutFile $zipPath Add-Type -Assembly "System.IO.Compression.Filesystem" [io.compression.zipfile]::ExtractToDirectory($zipPath, $destPath) New-Service -Name "AWSXRayDaemon" -StartupType Automatic -BinaryPathName "`"$daemonPath`" -f `"$daemonLogPath`"" sc.exe start AWSXRayDaemon </powershell>