Getting started with X-Ray - Amazon X-Ray
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Getting started with X-Ray

To get started with Amazon X-Ray:

  • Launch a sample application that is already instrumented to generate trace data. In a few minutes, you can launch the sample app, generate traffic, send segments to X-Ray, and view a service map and traces in the Amazon Web Services Management Console.

  • Learn how to instrument your application, including using the X-Ray SDKs or the Amazon Distro for OpenTelemetry to send trace data to X-Ray.

  • Explore other Amazon services that are integrated with X-Ray, including sampling and adding headers to incoming requests, running the X-Ray daemon, and automatically sending trace data to X-Ray.

  • Use the X-Ray API, which provides access to all X-Ray functionality through the Amazon SDK, Amazon Command Line Interface, or directly over HTTPS.