Manage resources in X-Ray - Amazon X-Ray
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Manage resources in X-Ray

This guide shows you how to manage resources in X-Ray using a template by configuring resources and tagging resources using a key and optional value pair.

You can set up and manage your resources and infrastructure automatically using an Amazon CloudFormation template. Use this template in either JSON or YAML format to create an X-Ray group, a sampling rule or a resource policy in a single file. For example, you can use a Amazon CloudFormation template for the following:

  • Use a single template to consistently configure resources across multiple deployments and avoid making manual configuration errors.

  • Use a template file to manage resources across Amazon accounts, development environments, and share template files between teams.

  • Control and track changes to your template using version control and revert changes when necessary.

You can also assign tags to your resource so that you can search and filter resources based on tags, and enforce tag-based permissions. For example, you can use tags for the following:

  • Tag a specific team, department, or application use to track what resources they use.

  • Tag resources that require special handling such as sensitive documents.

  • Manage tagged resources automatically using scripts to stop use during peak hours.

The following sections provide additional information about managing resources with Amazon CloudFormation templates and tagged resources.