Amazon Elastic Beanstalk and Amazon X-Ray - Amazon X-Ray
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Amazon Elastic Beanstalk and Amazon X-Ray

Amazon Elastic Beanstalk platforms include the X-Ray daemon. You can run the daemon by setting an option in the Elastic Beanstalk console or with a configuration file.

On the Java SE platform, you can use a Buildfile file to build your application with Maven or Gradle on-instance. The X-Ray SDK for Java and Amazon SDK for Java are available from Maven, so you can deploy only your application code and build on-instance to avoid bundling and uploading all of your dependencies.

You can use Elastic Beanstalk environment properties to configure the X-Ray SDK. The method that Elastic Beanstalk uses to pass environment properties to your application varies by platform. Use the X-Ray SDK's environment variables or system properties depending on your platform.

For more information, see Configuring Amazon X-Ray Debugging in the Amazon Elastic Beanstalk Developer Guide.