Creating a stack on the Amazon CloudFormation console - Amazon CloudFormation
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Creating a stack on the Amazon CloudFormation console

Before you create a stack, you must have a template that describes what resources Amazon CloudFormation will include in your stack. For more information, see Working with Amazon CloudFormation templates.


To preview the configuration of a new stack, you can use a change set.

Creating a stack on the CloudFormation console is an easy, wizard-driven process that consists of the following steps:

After creating a stack, you can monitor the stack's progress, view the stack's resources and outputs, update the stack, and delete it. Information about these actions are provided in their associated topics.

Starting the Create Stack wizard

To create a stack on the CloudFormation console
  1. Open the Amazon CloudFormation console at

  2. Create a new stack by using one of the following options:

    • Choose Create Stack. This is the only option if you have a currently running stack.

    • Choose Create Stack on the Stacks page. This option is visible only if you have no running stacks.

Next, you choose a stack template.