Getting started with DMS Fleet Advisor - Amazon Database Migration Service
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Getting started with DMS Fleet Advisor

You can use DMS Fleet Advisor to discover your source on-premises databases for migration to the Amazon Web Services Cloud. Then, you can determine the right migration target in the Amazon Web Services Cloud for each of your on-premises databases. Use the following workflow to create an inventory of your source databases and generate target recommendations.

  1. Create an Amazon S3 bucket, IAM policies, roles, and users. For more information, see Creating required resources.

  2. Create database users with the minimum permissions required for the DMS data collector. For more information, see Creating database users.

  3. Create and download a data collector. For more information, see Creating a data collector.

  4. Install the data collector in your local environment. Next, configure your data collector to make sure that it can send the collected data to DMS Fleet Advisor. For more information, see Installing a data collector.

  5. Discover the OS and database servers in your data environment. For more information, see Discovering OS and database servers.

  6. Collect database metadata and resource utilization metrics. For more information, see Collecting data.

  7. Analyze your source databases and schemas. DMS Fleet Advisor runs the large-scale assessment of your databases to identify similar schemas. For more information, see Using inventories for analysis in Amazon DMS Fleet Advisor.

  8. Generate, view, and save a local copy of the target recommendations for your source databases. For more information, see Target recommendations.

After you determine the migration target for each source database, you can use DMS Schema Conversion to convert your database schemas to a new platform. Then, you can use Amazon DMS to migrate data. For more information, see Converting database schemas using DMS Schema Conversion and What is Amazon Database Migration Service?