Configure Active Directory settings - Amazon Storage Gateway
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Configure Active Directory settings

In this step, you configure your Amazon FSx File Gateway access settings in Storage Gateway to join a Microsoft Active Directory.

To configure Active Directory settings
  1. In the Storage Gateway console, choose FSx file systems from the navigation menu.

  2. Choose Attach FSx file system.

  3. On the Confirm gateway page, choose the gateway you want to join to your Active Directory domain from the drop-down menu.

    If you don't have a gateway, you must create one. Make sure your gateway can resolve the name of your Active Directory Domain Controller. For information, see Prerequisites.

  4. Enter values for the Active Directory settings:


    If your gateway is already joined to a domain, you don't need to join again. Go to the next step.

    • For Domain name, enter the domain name of the Active Directory that you want to use.

    • For Domain user, enter the user name of the Active Directory user that you want to use to join the gateway to the domain. This user must have the necessary permissions. For more information, see Active Directory service account permission requirements.

    • For Domain password, enter the password for the user.

    • For Organizational unit- optional, you can specify an organizational unit the Active Directory belongs to.


      If you leave this field blank, joining a domain creates an Active Directory computer account in the default computers container (which is not an OU), using the gateway's Gateway ID as the account name (for example, SGW-1234ADE).

      If your Active Directory environment requires that you pre-stage accounts to facilitate the join domain process, you will need to create this account ahead of time.

      If your Active Directory environment has a designated OU for new computer objects, you must specify that OU when joining the domain.

    • Enter a value for Domain controller(s) - optional.

  5. Choose Next to open the Attach FSx File system page.

Next step

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