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Amazon IoT Greengrass Version 1 entered the extended life phase on June 30, 2023. For more information, see the Amazon IoT Greengrass V1 maintenance policy. After this date, Amazon IoT Greengrass V1 won't release updates that provide features, enhancements, bug fixes, or security patches. Devices that run on Amazon IoT Greengrass V1 won't be disrupted and will continue to operate and to connect to the cloud. We strongly recommend that you migrate to Amazon IoT Greengrass Version 2, which adds significant new features and support for additional platforms.

IoT Ethernet IP Protocol Adapter connector

The IoT Ethernet IP Protocol Adapter connector collects data from local devices using the Ethernet/IP protocol. You can use this connector to collect data from multiple devices and publish it to a StreamManager message stream.

You can also use this connector with the IoT SiteWise connector and your IoT SiteWise gateway. Your gateway must supply the configuration for the connector. For more information, see Configure an Ethernet/IP (EIP) source in the IoT SiteWise user guide.


This connector runs in No container isolation mode, so you can deploy it to a Amazon IoT Greengrass group running in a Docker container.

This connector has the following versions.



2 (recommended)




For information about version changes, see the Changelog.


This connector has the following requirements:

Version 1 and 2
  • Amazon IoT Greengrass Core software v1.10.2 or later.

  • Stream manager enabled on the Amazon IoT Greengrass group.

  • Java 8 installed on the core device and added to the PATH environment variable.

  • A minimum of 256 MB additional RAM. This requirement is in addition to Amazon IoT Greengrass Core memory requirements.


This connector is available only in the following Regions:

  • cn-north-1

  • ap-southeast-1

  • ap-southeast-2

  • eu-central-1

  • eu-west-1

  • us-east-1

  • us-west-2

Connector Parameters

This connector supports the following parameters:


The directory on the Amazon IoT Greengrass host that the IoT SiteWise connector can write persistent data to. The default directory is /var/sitewise.

Display name in the Amazon IoT console: Local storage path

Required: false

Type: string

Valid pattern: ^\s*$|\/.


The set of Ethernet/IP collector configurations that the connector collect data from or connect to. This can be an empty list.

Display name in the Amazon IoT console: Protocol Adapter Configuration

Required: true

Type: A well-formed JSON string that defines the set of supported feedback configurations.

The following is an example of a ProtocolAdapterConfiguration:

{ "sources": [ { "type": "EIPSource", "name": "TestSource", "endpoint": { "ipAddress": "", "port": 44818 }, "destination": { "type": "StreamManager", "streamName": "MyOutput_Stream", "streamBufferSize": 10 }, "destinationPathPrefix": "EIPSource_Prefix", "propertyGroups": [ { "name": "DriveTemperatures", "scanMode": { "type": "POLL", "rate": 10000 }, "tagPathDefinitions": [ { "type": "EIPTagPath", "path": "arrayREAL[0]", "dstDataType": "double" } ] } ] } ] }

Create Connector Example (Amazon CLI)

The following CLI command creates a ConnectorDefinition with an initial version that contains the IoT Ethernet IP Protocol Adapter connector.

aws greengrass create-connector-definition --name MyGreengrassConnectors --initial-version '{ "Connectors": [ { "Id": "MyIoTEIPProtocolConnector", "ConnectorArn": "arn:aws:greengrass:region::/connectors/IoTEIPProtocolAdaptor/versions/2", "Parameters": { "ProtocolAdaptorConfiguration": "{ \"sources\": [{ \"type\": \"EIPSource\", \"name\": \"Source1\", \"endpoint\": { \"ipAddress\": \"\", \"port\": 44818 }, \"destinationPathPrefix\": \"EIPConnector_Prefix\", \"propertyGroups\": [{ \"name\": \"Values\", \"scanMode\": { \"type\": \"POLL\", \"rate\": 2000 }, \"tagPathDefinitions\": [{ \"type\": \"EIPTagPath\", \"path\": \"arrayREAL[0]\", \"dstDataType\": \"double\" }]}]}]}", "LocalStoragePath": "/var/MyIoTEIPProtocolConnectorState" } } ] }'

The Lambda function in this connector has a long-lived lifecycle.

Input data

This connector doesn't accept MQTT messages as input data.

Output data

This connector publishes data to StreamManager. You must configure the destination message stream. The output messages are of the following structure:

{ "alias": "string", "messages": [ { "name": "string", "value": boolean|double|integer|string, "timestamp": number, "quality": "string" } ] }


The IoT Ethernet IP Protocol Adapter connector includes the following third-party software/licensing:

This connector is released under the Greengrass Core Software License Agreement.


The following table describes the changes in each version of the connector.





This version contains bug fixes.

December 23, 2021


Initial release.

December 15, 2020

A Greengrass group can contain only one version of the connector at a time. For information about upgrading a connector version, see Upgrading connector versions.

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